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Trump vs. Deep State: Barack Obama, Hillary Cli...
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The Deep State is on the war path to take down President Trump, from the ´´Fake News” to extremist groups known as ´´Antifa´´ and even Hillary Clinton and Obama being involved in the fiasco.The collusion between Trump and Vladimir Putin has thus far been smoke and mirrors, many are being prosecuted, and never before in the history of our nation has their ever been such a scandal.Oscar Gamboa delves deeper than most as he goes into shocking detail about how this group known as the Deep State and how they are pulling all the strings in Washington, and why the Deep State could pose a real threat to Donald Trump - plots to assassinate are already under way, if these dangerous thugs in the Deep State don’t get their way to take Trump out of the Oval Office things are going to get ugly in a hurry.This audiobook has all this and more with conspiracy theories that all get to the bottom of what really happened. Don´t trust the mass media? This auidobook is purposely written to give you an eye-opening experience and compel you to change your perspective regarding current explanations of popular events that made a huge impact on mankind and our nation.Each section talks about a specific theory; when it happened; and why it happened. It also includes a ´´what to believe´´ section that provides well thought-out observations, and will help you identify loopholes in common knowledge so you can see new possibilities.Here´s why you should listen to this audiobook:Break the status quo - question your beliefs on history in a new wayRaise your critical thinking and awareness of current eventsLearn what can´t be found on mainstream news and TV outletsGo deeper now and get your own copy today! 1. Language: English. Narrator: Tony Acland. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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Hateland: A Long, Hard Look at America´s Extrem...
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A former Department of Homeland Security analyst takes a long view on the domestic terrorism threat from radicalized individuals and hate groups of various ideologies. America is a land in which extremism no longer belongs to the country´s shadowy fringes, but comfortably exists in the national mainstream. That is the alarming conclusion by intelligence analyst Daryl Johnson, an expert on domestic extremism with more than twenty-five years of experience tracking radicalized groups for the US government. In this book, Johnson dissects the rapidly expanding forms of American hatred and radicalization, including white nationalists, antigovernment militias, antifascists (Antifa), militant black nationalists, and extremist Islamic groups. The author develops a concise model that explains how extremists on both the far right and the far left use the same techniques to recruit and to radicalize individuals, turning them into violent offenders. He also examines the political forces that fuel this threat and have kept the US government from properly identifying and developing countermeasures to deal with it, including a disproportional emphasis on Islamic terrorism. Johnson concludes by recounting individual stories of deradicalization, each of which was the result of personal reevaluations of formerly held extremist convictions. He recommends more resources at the state and federal levels for combatting radical movements and urges greater communication and coordination between law enforcement agencies. This in-depth analysis of a growing menace that has taken America hostage throws a stark light on the darkest segments of American society and provides practical means for dealing with their violent threats.

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